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How do I update my personal information on a SignUp?

We rely on the information you provide when you SignUp, especially email address and carpool number, to correctly calculate volunteer hours.  It is extremely important that you choose one email address to use for all of your SignUps as well as enter your family's correct carpool number on each SignUp.  This article details the steps necessary to update your information.  

2. Log in to your account by clicking on "Sign In" on the menu.

If you didn't create an account when you initially signed up, please "Register" with the email address you used to SignUp.

3. Click on the "My Info" icon in the upper left.

4. Click on "My Info"

5. Update your information

If you need to update your email address, please email [email protected] with the name of the signup, the incorrect email and the email that it should be updated to.

6. Click "Continue".


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