Reconciling SignUp Participation

In order to ensure accurate volunteer hours reporting it is important to reconcile those who SignUp with those who "show up".  Showing up could be a volunteer actually attending his/her spot or dropping off the items they committed to provide.  Most of this is managed by the check-in process but for those events where checking in isn't feasible (virtual meetings, spirit nights, donation item drop off) the project coordinator should assume the responsibility of reconciling those who SignUp vs. those who "show up". Those who do not "show up" should have their SignUp assignment deleted so that they do not receive credit for hours not earned. The video below demonstrates how to do this using a PTC meeting as an example.

Step by Step

1. Record who attended or what was dropped off.

This can be done in any number of ways.  For Zoom meetings, a report can be generated so long as the meeting was set up as a registration event, for Spirit Nights and other events the participants are asked to email some sort of proof to the event coordinator and for item donation type SignUps it may just be the donation request forms that are used at drop off.

2. From the "attendee list", make sure the items/attendees are "checked in".

The link to CheckIn is available on the PTC website

3. Once everyone/everything that showed up is checked in, determine who did NOT show up.

This can be determined via a visual scan of those not checked in on the SignUp CheckIn page but the recommended method would be to generate a spreadsheet from the SignUp administrator access.

3.1. Log into SignUp with your administrator access.

3.3. Select Manage>Who's Coming/Reports

3.4. Select Export

3.5. Filter the generated spreadsheet to the specific dates/spots that you are reconciling

3.6. Eliminate those who are "checked in" (column O)

4. Use the list generated in Step 3 to delete those not checked in.

4.1. In the same SignUp as above, navigate to the spot you are reconciling.

4.2. Click "Assign" to be brought to the list of participants for the spot.

4.3. Delete those who didn't "show up" by clicking on the x next to their assignment.

Remember that a participant may have signed up for more than one spot so please be careful that you are deleting the participant from the correct spot.

4.4. If applicable, reduce the number of spots to 1.

For certain opportunities like PTC meetings and Spirit nights we limit number of hours to 1 per family regardless of how many parents attend or how much money is spent.  In those instances no one should have more than one spot so you can correct this by visually scanning the assignment list and clicking the - button to reduce the assignments to 1.

For extra credit, once you've made corrections you can generate the report detailed in step 3 again and pivot to see if the same carpool number is signed up twice (two different parents/email addresses with the same carpool number)

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